Rug Cleaning

RugWash is Brisbane’s only professional rug cleaning service that truly specialises in the cleaning and restoration of rugs.

We don’t clean carpets, or upholstery, or grout and tiles – only rugs. We dedicate all of our resources to providing the most up-to-date solutions to your rug cleaning problemsOur customers all understand and love the “blue ribbon” tradition that is attached to RugWash – we are sure you will too!


Step 1
Step 1 – Rug Inspection
  • Expert and thorough inspection of rugs prior to cleaning.
  • This may include consultation with the customer if necessary
Step 2
Step 2 – Pre Wash Process
  • Removal of dry soil particles and hair (dusting process).
  • Removal of wax, chewing gum, odours, stains etc. wherever possible.
Step 3
Step 3 – Washing
  • Colour run testing
  • Hand washing of rugs using biodegradable soap.
  • Fringes hand cleaned separately to ensure best and gentle cleaning.
  • All rugs thoroughly rinsed to remove residuals of soap
Step 5
Step 4 – Drying and Finishing
  • Our controlled drying helps return the pile’s springy soft texture and ensures a quick drying time.
  • Vacuuming and pile setting.
  • And lastly, a pre-delivery inspection of your rugs to ensure your total satisfaction.

  • Free spotting advice in case of accidents.
  • Free phone estimates.
  • Free pick up to most suburbs in the Brisbane metro area