Rug Washing

At the core of our business (and as our name suggests) we are rug cleaning specialists best known for immersion rug washing.  

Immersion washing is a traditional rug cleaning practice which allows for a deep clean of your rug and which helps remove built-up residues, liquid spills, odours and ground-in dirt. Immersion washing may also visibly reduce the appearance of some stains.

To help illustrate how immersion washing works, the following points provide a “walk-through” of our usual process:

  • Pre-Clean Inspection: each rug is inspected for damage, stains, odour, mould, colour fade, irregularities, colour bleed, moth larvae etc.
  • Dry-Soil Removal: rugs undergo a dusting process to allow for the removal of pet hair, dry soil particles etc.
  • Cleaning: rugs are washed using cold water and appropriate cleaning agents/solutions.
  • Rinsing: a thorough rinsing process is completed to ensure all soap residues are removed.
  • Pile setting: where necessary, our team will brush the rug to help set the pile in the right direction before the rug dries.
  • Drying: all rugs are air-dried in our well-ventilated warehouse, where large fans are utilised to ensure consistent air flow. The drying process is only considered complete when we get a reading of ‘zero’ on our moisture meter.
  • Finishing: dry rugs are now vacuumed and neatly rolled in readiness for their return to you.

Additional services such as stain removal, repairs to handmade rugs, fringe whitening, moth deterrent and fabric protection will be completed after the washing process.

To help bring out the best in your rug, contact our team today on (07) 3375 9896.

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