Rug Protection

Fabric Protection

One of the simplest ways to improve the longevity of your rugs is with the application of fibre protector following your next rug wash. Fibre protector is to rugs what sunscreen is to people; we can go through life without it but the protection it affords is invaluable.

Fibre protector in no way changes the appearance of a rug but is utilised to help prevent liquid spills from soaking into and staining your rugs, and to improve the effectiveness of dry soil removal. Rugs kept in homes with pets or children, or which are routinely subjected to high volumes of foot traffic are particularly pre-disposed to greater risk of spills and larger quantities of dry soil, making these rugs perfect candidates for the extra defence that fibre protection will afford.

Able to be used on both natural and synthetic fibres, it is recommended that fibre protector be re-applied after each professional wash for best results.

Moth Larvae Damage Prevention

It may not be the kind of thing that springs to mind very often, but rug damage caused by moth larvae is a very unwelcome reality.

Attracted by the keratin (a type of protein) present in animal fibres such as wool and silk, moth larvae will make a meal out of your rugs if given the opportunity.

If you are experiencing a current infestation of moths, eggs and/or larvae, our thorough washing process will help resolve this problem. Naturally, prevention is better than cure so to minimise risk of damage to your rugs, aim to keep them in a bright, well-ventilated area with low humidity and vacuum them frequently (using an appropriate fitting) to remove food matter and dry soiling. Where rugs are positioned under furniture, rotate these regularly so all areas of the rug are receiving light exposure as often as possible.

For peace of mind, RugWash also offers a moth deterrent treatment which, when applied to your rugs, alters the taste of the fibre so that it becomes unpalatable for moth larvae.

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