Stain Removal

No rug is immune to the hazards of daily life – as a floor covering exposed to pets, children, and the occasional clumsy adult you can expect that eventually your rug will be subjected to a spill!

While every spill needs to be treated differently to ensure effective stain removal, there are crucial steps you’ll need to employ at home to minimise risk of permanent staining to your rug:

  • Use a clean, white towel or cloth to soak up as much of the spilled liquid as possible. We recommend white because this will prevent colour transfer.
  • Do not rub the area of the spill as this will typically push the liquid or soiling further into the fabric, resulting in a higher likelihood of permanent staining. Additionally, rubbing will expand the affected area and can result in colour migration.
  • Make note of what the spill is (urine / wine / coffee) and when it occurred.
  • Contact us as soon as possible to book your rug in for washing / stain removal.

The reason we recommend engaging a professional for stain prevention and/or removal is that different spills warrant different treatment methods. As an example, cool liquid spills like red wine cannot be removed in the same way as pet urine and many of the universal remedies listed online will cause irreversible staining.  

If you have found yourself in need of help with spill or stain removal, contact our team today on (07) 3375 9896.

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