Repairs & Restoration

Rugs often lead a very tough life. Pets, insects, flower pots, the wear and tear of daily usetake their toll; there are times when something has to be done.

Rug Repairs & RestorationMany different stabilisation, rug repair and restoration techniques can be used to treat these weavings. The work is done by hand; it requires skill, experience and the right materials

Holes and damage can be rewoven with nearly undetectable results, or simply sewn to prevent further loss. Fringe repairs and edge repairs are other common tasks that we undertake. Worn areas can be restored, though extensive overall wear can be cost-prohibitive to treat. Good results require materials with the closest match of colour, fibre and spin.

Careful assessment of condition and good planning are essential. Here at RugWash w e are experienced in this work and encourage discussion to reach a clear understanding of what can be expected.

Repairs Page

RugWash is proud to offer an in-house rug repair and restoration service.

Our respected rug repairer and restorer  (having learnt her trade in Poland and Austria), has extensive experience in the repair of all hand woven rugs and kelims and is available for consultation by appointment at our rug cleaning plant at Unit 24, 315 Archerfield Road, Richlands.