Iran Rug Tour

I had the opportunity to travel to Iran (Persia) to tour rug weaving areas and washing facilities. Our host was Mr. Reza Zollanvari, his family company ZollanvariAG is famous for producing high quality Gabbeh Carpets.

I travelled with a group of rug washing professionals from around the world and we visited such diverse places such as the nomadic Qashgai weavers of the Fars Province in South Western Iran, on their annual migration from the Zagros Mountains to the warmer areas along the Persian Gulf, to visiting village and and city workshops, as well as historical sites.

Keep watching for more stories and photos of my Iran trip.


Wool Dyeing at the Zollanvari facilities in Shiraz


Drying wool hanks after dyeing


Some beautiful carpets in the Grand Bazaar in Shiraz


Goats and sheep are a major food source. Here a Bakhtiari Nomad leads his flock


Qashgai women weaving in their bright coloured dresses


Arts students sketching in Isphahan


School girls in Isphahan on an excursion to a mosque


The beautiful Fin Garden in Kashan