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RugWash Professional Certifications

  • Master Rug Cleaner
  • Assoc of Rug Care Specialists
  • Woolsafe
  • Woolsafe

  • We're the oldest and still the best

    RugWash has been operating since 1957 and we're still Brisbane's only specialist, professional rug cleaning facility and, for your convenience, provide a free pick-up and delivery service to the Brisbane metro area.  RugWash is a specialist rug cleaner of all types of floor rugs - Persian and Oriental rugs and other handmade and machine woven floor rugs.

    At RugWash we love rugs, we treat them with the greatest care and expertise and are proud of what we achieve. 

    To discuss your rug cleaning requirements or to find out more about our free pick up and delivery service, we invite you to phone us on 07 3375 9896.


    Rug Cleaning

    Rug Cleaning

    RugWash uses a traditional, full immersion process to ensure that your rug is cleaned right down to the base of the rug pile, removing damaging grit and other embedded soil which, if not removed, can cause excessive wear and tear.

    Using biodegradable soap which brings out the richness of colour and softness of the wool, this rug cleaning process is also effective in the removal of harmful allergens that many people are sensitive to. The immersion process is recommended by rug experts as the best and safest method of rug cleaning and is far superior to all other methods. Certainly these may be suitable for carpets which cannot be removed but for rugs it is easy to see that "proper washing" provides the best results.

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    Rug Repairs & Restoration

    Rug Repairs & Restoration

    Rugs often lead a very tough life. Pets, insects, flower pots, the wear and tear of daily use take their toll; there are times when something has to be done.

    Many different stabilisation, rug repair and restoration techniques can be used to treat these weavings. The work is done by hand; it requires skill, experience and the right materials

    RugWash is proud to offer an in-house rug repair and restoration service. Our respected rug repairer and restorer (having learnt her trade in Europe), has extensive experience in the repair of all hand woven rugs and kelims


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    Rug care at home

    Rug Care at Home

    RugWash has a long and respected history of providing specialised rug cleaning solutions – over 50 years! We know that rugs have a hard life and sometimes need some extra care between professional washing.

    In addition to the free advice that our Master Rug Cleaner is happy to provide to you over the phone, Rugwash has also obtained a range of exclusive spotting products to assist when that inevitable accident happens.   

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