Pet odour (urine) removal in rugs

Repairs and Restoration 1Here at Brisbane RugWash we see many rugs that have been contaminated by our furry friends and it is one of our most difficult jobs. I would like to give our readers some information on pet urine and its removal.

When urine goes on a rug in a warm acidic state, it penetrates the face fibres and ends up in the middle of the rug’s foundation fibres. This means is what you see on the surface is only the tip of the iceberg, and surface cleaning will never make the problem go away.

Here at Brisbane RugWash our level of success is going to depend on the Fibre type (natural or synthetic), dye type (colourfast or bleeder), and construction type (woven or tufted).

Repeated urine contamination of a rug, especially a natural fibre rug, often causes damage that is permanent. Below are some points that rug owners need to know about pet urine and rugs.

  • Pet urine is a warm acid and will penetrate to the inner fibres of a rug if left alone. Over time this can lead to mildew and dry rot and the urine salts attract insects such as moths.The odour will remain unless washed out.
  • The danger with warm, acid spills like urine is that it can penetrate the wool acid fibres and “re-dye” them with the yellow urea. If left untouched. pet urine deposits generally become permanent discolourations.
  • Over time the acid urine stains become alkaline and this begins a process of “dissolving” the acid dye bond to the wool fibres. This means that old pet urine stains can become areas that bleed, even when the rug has colourfast dyes.
  • Pet urine damage is excactly that – damage. If the accident is fresh there is a high likelihood that the rug can be returned to its original state.

Please look on our ” Rug care at hometab, the go down to ”spotting removal“. This information will help you with any fresh urine accidents, before getting your rug professionally washed.

I trust this has been of some assistance. Please contact Brisbane RugWash on 3375 9896 for any advice.